HITION is powered by an indestructible Software Defined Storage from Compuverde. On each node runs a Hyper Converged storage controller that delivers resources from node to Object Storage Pool. Multipath IN/OUT technology and Virtual IP´s allow permanent access to storage thus creating zero downtime. Compuverde offers object storage, file (NAS) and block (SAN) storage to HITION cluster and its external users without a single point of failure, no bottlenecks and rapid linear scaling of nodes.

Much credit for HITION’s performance, linear scalability and extreme flexibility goes to web-scale software defined big-data warehouse and accelerated storage gateway, powered by Compuverde hyper converged storage controllers.

HITION’s storage main characteristics:

Storage is available to virtual resources and to internal and external users as Object Storage, scale-out NAS and SAN. Users connected to HITION’s storage dedicated redundant network get access to all hyper converged storage controllers. Multi path IN/OUT (MPIO) and automatic controller failover guarantees permanent access to storage to all users.

Storage and cache disk drives are directly connected to hyper converged storage controllers with PCI Passthrough technology. Point to point inside node connectivity between hypervisor and controller is without switching. Storage and cache disks performance is native till virtual machine disk images, and accelerated with memory read and write cache.

Intelligent resources balance and extreme performance scalability guarantee no bottlenecks when data storm from high load or massive virtual machines boot.

Advanced storage gateway tiering to processing nodes and pools brings resources as close as virtual machines are. Running virtual machines on preselected nodes are with high availability and network usage optimisation.

Flexible N+X Erasure coding redundancy is capable of up to 89% RAW to NET efficiency. Minimum additional storage resources are needed for high or extreme redundancy.

Self healing and storage resilience generatees never-get-to single point of failure feature with two to multiple node redundancy. HITION’s hyper converged storage is minimum 99.999% Carrier class uptime.

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