HITION by OiC: Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) running on Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI)


OiC HITION is a junction of the very best hardware and software stacks combined to perfection forming a modern Software Defined Hyper Converged Data Center for mission critical projects, without single point of failure and 100% theoretic uptime.


  • Self sufficient: No need for any additional hardware or software.
  • Easy deployment: System ready to start in minutes.
  • Easy to maintain and support: Known software stacks give the administrator total freedom. OiC 24/7 support is also available if needed.
  • Extreme redundancy: From zero single point of failure cluster till Off-Site data protection and distributed hybrid cloud.
  • Extreme performance: Adequate for any workload. Performance is balanced on all available hardware resources.
  • Extreme scalability: Scale from four to a thousand nodes (Nodes can have different configuration).
  • Extreme flexibility: Build a simple or a complex corporate Data Center with utmost ease. Just imagine and configure whatever you require and need.
  • Perfect efficiency: No passive hardware in the system. Performance scales with all added resources.
  • Future proof: Change or migrate to new nodes with no downtime and zero cost. Lifetime updates and online documentation available.
  • Low cost: No monthly fees of any sort, just using open and free software stacks. Commercial stacks are optional – Pay if you need them.

HITION is the perfect solution to migrate too, when building a modern Data Center for small businesses, corporate or government requirements and Commercial Data Center projects.



HITION is powered by an indestructible Software Defined Storage from Compuverde. On each node runs a Hyper Converged storage controller that delivers resources from node to Object Storage Pool. Multipath IN/OUT technology and Virtual IP´s allow permanent access to storage thus creating zero downtime. Compuverde offers object storage, file (NAS) and block (SAN) storage to HITION cluster and its external users without a single point of failure, no bottlenecks and rapid linear scaling of nodes.

data protection

Data Protection

On-Site and Off-Site data protection is included: Rolling Snapshots, Backups, Delta Backups, Disaster Recovery and Continuous Replication. Create protection plans with frequency and desired depth On-Site and Off-Site – between two or more HITION local or remote systems. Send Backup to NFS or SMB share and replicate to NFS or iSCSI storage. Two HITION Object Storage Pools may Metro Cluster (synchronous replication) amongst themselves.



Preconfigured Netgear M4300 series Switch Stack and DAC SFP+ cabling are part of HITIONs LAG LACP redundant 20Gbps (or more) Full Duplex connectivity with each node in system. Allowing VM or physical machine to connect to various of the HITION redundant networks:

  • ADM: Administration private network
  • SAN: Storage Area Network
  • Add internal networks as needed for any usage.

With the Integrated Router all internal networks are permitted access to Internet.

network security

Network Security

HITION uses Untangle VRRP virtual NG Firewall appliance for network security. Award winning NG Firewall includes L7 applications: Firewall, Web – Spam – Phish blocker, Application control, WAN balancer and Failover, VPN and other L7 report and administration services. The use of free Firewall and other applications, or running selected paid software, becomes the customers’ choice.



HITION is powered by proven XenServer Hypervisor Pools. HITION virtualizes operating systems and Docker containers with node to node and cross Pool migration of VMs and disk images with zero downtime. If VDI is needed, HITION includes NoMachine Cloud or Terminal server.




HITION offers redundant high availability administration:

  • Connect to ADM network administrators workstations for big mission critical system.
  • Use high availability VMs as virtual administrators for any size of system.
  • Use high availability Hition Orchestra Appliance (HOA) or Xen Orchestra Appliance (XOA) as web private cloud administrator and data protection automation.

No matter what happens, HITION always allows you access to manage it, weather the system has four or a few thousand of nodes.